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I am a non-science person and decided to delegate out the chemistry portion of our studies this year (my daughter is in 10th grade). The program she's enrolled in is not adequate. It's an online book that she finds really confusing, meeting with the teacher at class once a week is not enough, and, to make a long story short, she is not progressing adequately (I was hoping she could take the AP exam this spring; we have the prep book from College board but it's a) dull and b) presumes some basic knowledge, which she just doesn't have yet). Anyway, I'm looking for a curriculum or study guide that she could use, like a voice in her ear, so she can get a basic feel for the concepts and use the course materials provided by the teacher and the AP book for extra practice. I'm looking at Apologia (not sure if it's too basic at this point), BJU (might be too much of a full course), Chemistry the Easy Way (not narrative enough? she's a word-problem person) or any other suggestions anyone has. Thanks in advance!

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Two suggestions but neither would be perfect:


1. Singapore's Chemistry is excellent but won't prepare you for AP since it covers way more industrial chemistry than US books do. OR at least it did when we used it four years ago.


2. Thinkwell Chemistry. These programs are quite good and do prepare for AP. They have a separate AP option for prep too. It's not cheap however. If it is simply that she needs more explanation than the book provides you might get by with just the cds and she can then work problems in the book. I haven't used chem but have used the math and they work well



Good luck!



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Just a couple of thoughts, since my dd took the AP Chemistry exam last year (she got a 5):


- Apologia is great for the basics, but even both the regular and advanced books didn't cover all that was needed for the AP exam.

- We didn't use BJU Chemistry, but I've heard it's comprehensive.


My dd used Zumdahl's Chemistry book and thought it was excellent. She also participated in the Chemistry Olympiad, and used a couple of prep guides, The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments, and the DIVE Chemistry CD. All were great, but if I had to choose one, I'd pick the DIVE CD as a supplement. BTW, the DIVE CD is geared for use with BJU.


Could you perhaps give your dd until May 2011 to prepare? The Chemistry AP is rather challenging; it would be good to have plenty of time.



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I have to agree that Zumdahl's Chemistry book is great. Ds used it to self-teach chemistry last year (he did take an online class, but basically had to teach himself.) I also agree that a first exposure to high school level chemistry will not prepare one for AP chem. My son's class was honors and barely prepared him for the SAT II.

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