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Tie-Dye What is the difference between wet & dry method in regards to results?

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We have always used the wet method--and we have always been pleased with the results.


For the best results use dyes that were made for tie-dye. I purchase my supplies from Dharma Trading. There are several tie-dye kits that have the same type of dye (Rainbow brand is one).


I soak the desired garment/fabric in soda-ash water for a few minutes. I wring out the excess and then tie or fold the garment/fabric before applying the dye. I let the garment/fabric 'cure' for at least 8 hours (over night is best) and then I rinse and rinse and rinse. Once the water is clear I put the garment/fabric in the washing machine. It is best to use a special detergent (Synthropol) but regular will be OK. After the garments/fabric have been washed and dried they will be fine to wash with other laundry.


If you use RIT dye (BAD STUFF) or Koolaid you have a HIGH risk that the dyes will transfer to other objects when laundered. The colors are also not as bold and fade pretty quickly. The 'good stuff' from Dharma is worth it!



The dye is hard to get off of skin. There is a product called 'Reduran' that works wonders. In a pinch I will use Softscrub with bleach---just make sure you rinse and rewash your hands with soap immediately after using the bleach.

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This is too late, if you've already bought the kit, but my 15 year old tie-dyed at her birthday party last month. She used spray paint, of all things!


She found the idea online. I was a little leery, but it was *so* easy and they turned out looking great -- the kids get a lot of compliments every time they wear them, and we haven't had to worry about any bleeding.


We bought several cans of spray paint (the cheapest brand worked quite well), put the shirts flat on the table, cinched them in the middle, and swirled them around into a pinwheel shape. We covered everything showing with paint, waited 5 minutes, spread the shirts back out, cinched/swirled from a different location, and did it again. Each girl repeated as often and with as many colors as she wanted.


I was very impressed. It was very simple and the results were really cute!

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