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More confused than ever about History...


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Sigh. I asked about History the other day, but now have been reading and perusing the websites and others comments of these various history curriculums and am more confused than ever!! Ugh.


My dream would be an honest comparison (saw Michelle's comparison of MFW and TOG) of TOG, Biblioplan, MFW, and SOTW. Next year I will have a 7th grader and 1st grader. The now 6th grader will finish SOTW/MOH year 1 this year. I am so thoroughly confused!


Of course cost is an issue with MFW and TOG- it is a lot for me personally. I have never spent that much on 1 curriculum package and am not big on buying lots of books (HUGE library users or borrow from HS friends). I could justify it for both kids if I could use it over again. I have 2 more kids coming up and although I am not sure if my 4 year old autistic one will ever join in on such things I want the option. My other is 2 now and has a few years to wait.


We are Christian, so I appreciate that deeply in a curriculum. I can't say that I am at all needing science incorporated into my history. We are big Apologia fans personally and I plan to use that again next year.


I appreciate anything that simplifies for me in the way of lesson plans and in that respect having all the books included sounds attractive, but at the same time I would sacrifice that ease for the cost difference.


I am also deeply concerned that History remains a rigorous subject for my middle school student and is not dumbed down for the sake of my younger one.


If anyone has anything to add I appreciate it. I am not sure anyone will have tried all 4 and have input, but any would be appreciated.



Laurie (Is it just me or are there like 100 Lauries on here?)

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I asked a similar question a few days ago. Here's the link to all the responses I received: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13308


I think I will end up using Biblioplan. It is only $29.95 and it uses SOTW, including Kingfisher and Usborne, as recommended with SOTW, but also incorporates more Bible teaching (uses Victor Journey Through the Bible). And the really great thing is that it gives you not only suggestions of supplemental readings and activities, but lists them according to grade level. So you can customize for each student.

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The MOH2 text is much "meatier" than MOH1 (so I've heard :)) and so would be plenty for a 7th grader. You already know how the lessons are laid out and how easy it is to implement. IF you are looking to change to something else...ask yourself a few questions: Why do I want to change? What am I looking for in a curriculum (more challenge, all-inclusive, easy to teach, etc.)? Cost? These are some questions I had to ask myself before "switching". We used MOH1 this year and I really liked it. I heard that MOH2 is much more challenging and so thought I needed something that would challenge my oldest (dd11 - 7th also next year) yet not overwhelm my youngers (5th, 3rd and 2nd graders next year). I wanted something more all-inclusive as well and easy to implement (b/c of the new baby). I really liked the layout of MFW K and so thought MFW might do the trick. I'm also drawn to TOG except my fear is the planning and all the books I'd either have to buy or borrow, etc. For next year we are doing MFW ECC b/c I wanted my kids to really know and understand this world around them before heading further into World History. We'll see how it goes and re-evaluate after that. I might go w/ TOG Year 2 OR stay with MFW RtR. Don't know yet. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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