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I am trying to invite myself to dinner

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at my sister's house. She is having the director of Escondido Tutorial Service; ie: Fritz Hinrichs, over for dinner. She keeps putting me off. Bless her sweetness. I have always been respectful of boundries only to find out most people who really want something don't. I always miss out on great stuff in trying to respect that Mr. or Ms. Wonderful Teacher are on vacation. It's happened a lot.


I am considering putting my dds in his Great Books Study in high school and I doubt I'd get a chance for an intimate time with all again. I don't want to discuss these things with them. I just want to be there and be a part of their evening. I have never not been left out of anything my dsis has done. She suggested I go the Spring Fling, an educational week-end and ball, instead. It isn't an intimate affair but it is educational for the students and informative for an outsider.


I'd rather crash her intimate affair, something she herself frequently does. Help me decide.....do I go for something I'd love to do or be polite and miss out? I have heard before from those in high postitions that they know their duties are not limited to time and place, they are always on even when they don't want to be. Oh yah, in case I forgot to mention it, Mr Hinrichs, Mr. Wonderful Teacher, is on vacation.

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As much as you want this, Robin, I'd let it go. You have asked more than once and she hasn't given you the answer you crave, so she must have a reason to keep the evening intimate.


Reasoning that other folks don't respect boundaries when the want something badly isn't a good enough excuse for being impolite. Sorry. :001_unsure:


Respect your sisters wishes and attend the spring event if you really want to see Mr. Wonderful Teacher.

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I understand that she's family, and her dinner guest is someone who you really want to spend time with...


But it is HER dinner guest. It is HER evening. You've asked, and have been gently, politely requested to find something else to do. Sounds as if she's trying to handle this graciously.


An invitation is a privilege, not a right. Even from family. ;)

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I worked it out mentally and realized it would not be good. It took a while but I can't go against what I also feel would be wrong. Apparently it was bothering dsis at the same time. She called a few hours later to say come on over. I am still going to be respectful and give them their time.


I get amazed at the "gravitas" of some people, friends and relatives included, but I am IRL quite timid. I wish I was bolder, but I am what I am. We'll stay home.

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So, while I fully stand by what I said earlier...


Based on your post and how very much you wanted to go, let me just say I'm sorry!


I feel disappointed with you, that this isn't the opportunity you wanted it to be. It sounds like you and your sister both want things to be "right" with each other. I'm proud of your decision, even though it's a hard one.


I'm sure hearing your sister's invite was a bit of a balm, and your response of respecting her privacy was also probably a balm to her heart as well.

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