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Latin: order of noun cases question

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We had been using Latina Christiana for a few years and have now switched to Galore Park Latin Prep. In LC the girls have memorized several declensions and the order of the cases is: nom, gen, dat, acc, abl. Now that we've started Latin Prep, the order of the cases is: nom, voc, acc, gen, dat, abl. Before I make them rework all the memorization work they've got under their belt, I was wondering if one order or the other is the standard (or one that we will encounter in high school Latin, possibly with Wheelocks)?

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As you are in the US, I suggest staying with the order you already know. The easiest way to use Latin Prep seems to be to just stick a piece of paper with your order over the tables in the book. The difference in noun order is a historical glitch, like the spelling gap between British and American English.


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Wheelock's follows the order of nom, gen, dat, acc, abl, voc. We are moving from LCII to Wheelock's, so it will be an easy transition for us because we can put the vocative on the end and move on. I think the Galore Park products are British which counts for the difference in case order. I'm sure Laura in China or other Latin Prep users will know for sure though.

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