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What would you expect to pay for a Shakespeare tutor?

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I have asked a df if he would be interested in doing some tutoring for me. I have requested that he tutor my son in some of Shakespeare's works. I don't have a specific plan, curriculum or direction I expect him to use...it is totally up to him as a tutor. We use Omnibus 2 and there are several plays in it. I loaned it to him so he could see what we have been doing, but told him, I in no way, expect the same style or material. It was only for reference for what we have been doing. I have let him know that we aren't doing this for highschool credit and there is no expectation of learning except that I want the tutoring to be based mainly in dialogue about the plays.


I have offered to let him set the time schedule for weekly, bimonthly meetings. He gets to determine the length of time on each play. He gets to assign any homework he wants, but I am not expecting written reports or anything tangible. I only want my son to have someone to enjoy and expose him to some of Shakespeare's works with.


I asked this particular man because he is our piano teacher, the youth pastor at church and a fellow homeschooler of children older and younger than my son. He is one of those people who can talk to kids and bring things to life in a unique and refreshing way. He has a passion for Shakespeare and when we discussed Romeo and Juliette in the past ( in a casual conversation) he brought to life details in the lovers personalities that I never would have seen. He has a huge gift for literature!


I have offered to let him set his own price and have told him I will provide any and all materials he wants. (He is a very honest and humble man so his price will be very fair.) Since some plays are better viewed, I have offered to get copies from the library or purchase one or two if we can't get anything of real value (we have an awesome library so I expect to be able to get it there or through ILL). But he would have to let me know what he wants. I have also offered to pay for him, my son and his wife to attend a play. I and my husband may also tag along if it works out, but I wanted to include his wife at least. While I am aware that he knows the plays well enough to have a conversations about them with very little help, I figure he will have to spend at least 1-2 hours out side of the tutoring session to research and find the materials/plays that he would like to use/see.


I hope he will give me a price himself...but if he leaves the discussion up to me, what would you expect to offer?


There could be from 6-12, 1 hour long sessions.

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I can only tell you what I would charge, and that would also be in the $60/hr. range, more if significant travel time was involved. Obviously I don't know what this man's background is, but I can say that even for works I know very well, I spend far more than 1-2 hours each week in prep time. Even though those are not billable hours, they do need to be considered in setting an hourly rate. HTH!

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