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My Rainbow Resource order has been taking a tour of the country...

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I placed an order on December 1st, and they shipped it December 2nd. Today I got a tracking number from them, and in between the package's THREE visits to the Jacksonville sorting facility, it has made trips to Tennessee and Missouri. :confused:


The last entry on tracking was from December 20th, saying that it was in Jacksonville. I called my local PO and gave them the tracking information and they are supposed to be getting in touch with the people in Jax to locate my package! I'm wondering what happens to the undeliverable packages. Do they end up in a huge pile somewhere (which could take days to sort through) or do they organize them somehow? I'm wondering if my box is lost forever. (In which case, will RR issue me a refund???). And speaking of undeliverable, don't they just print out the shipping labels straight from what I give them? How can there be a mistake on there unless I messed up? (Which I'm hoping isn't the case!!!)


I'm starting to regret jumping on the whole free shipping thing... but it's interesting to see how this plays out!

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Have you contacted Rainbow Resource? I've ordered many, many times from them over the years and never had a problem. But after reading so many complaints here about the company, I'm always a little leery too. I was pleasantly surprised to order something around 12/21, chose the cheapest delivery option, and have it delivered on Saturday.


If your tracking hasn't moved tomorrow morning, it would be entirely reasonable--and expected!--for Rainbow to send you another order free of charge with the agreement that you return the other shipment if it ever comes to your house.


(That's the least they can do. Perhaps you can even convince them to ship it higher priority.)

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Yes, I called RR; that's how I got the tracking number. I was a little surprised that they asked ME to have my local PO look into it. Why can't they contact the Jacksonville facility themselves? If I don't find something out in the next day or so, I'll call RR again and ask for a refund or reshipment.


I'm sorry, I must have read right over that part, but I do see it there now.:blushing:


Yes, that would annoy me too. I would think they'd take a more active interest towards good customer service.

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