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Lapbook -easy and economical design?

Osmosis Mom

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We have done some in the past with trimmed colored file folders. For things to go inside, we got an inexpensive pack of scrapbook paper (bulk, odd shaped papers) and folded them, marking on them with sharpie pens. You could also print out graphics on a color printer or cut pictures from magazines to go with the paper folds.


I used these lapbooks to go along with subjects we were studying - math, grammar, science, etc. Good reinforcement of concepts.

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In the past I have used colored paper and put them in regular file folders. After they are done, I run duct tape down the back and 3-hole punch the tape to put them in a binder.


Recently, I have heard that some people are using spiral sketchbooks and putting the lapbook pieces in those so it is a nice quality "book" of what the child has done.



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We use 24 pound paper, which I purchase at on office supply store by the ream. This weight is more sturdy than regular copy paper, but not as sturdy as card stock. For extra touches, items from scrapbooking are added, such as stickers or matching scrapbook paper. I purchase a box of file folders in colors that work well and one box will last for years. I get templates for specific folds from www.homeschoolshare.com. I also use many of their ready made lapbooks and unit studies. I use quite a few from www.handsofachild.com. Often there are free ones available at www.currclick.com for a variety of companies.


My younger daughter thrives on lapbooks, so I add them into her studies. Some are more challenging and others are pretty basic. She also loves papercrafting, so any pretty touches that she can add make her lapbook come alive.


Hope you enjoy them,


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