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I'm reading my way through the states -- first up: Delaware

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Anyone want to recommend a great read either set in Delaware or by a Delaware author?


I'm open to anything that's worth reading, can be fiction or non-fiction.


btw, I've seen this done for children's literature -- may even have the list somewhere -- but not for adults.


All suggestions gratefully considered.




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Notes from the Shore by Jennifer Ackerman is a book set in Delaware and written as reflections on all the beautiful wildlife and sea life as observed there in the tiny coastal town of Lewes (right down the road from where I grew up).


If you want to know Delaware, this would be a beautiful reflection on the part of the tiny state where not much happens and not too many people live. We love our beaches, we love our creatures, and wish there weren't so many people who also love our beaches and creatures.


I worked in a bookstore in the beach town of Rehoboth Beach, DE when this book came out, and the locals went nuts for it.

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Notes from the Shore by Jennifer Ackerman


This sounds interesting so I have ordered it up from the library along with Lights Across the Delaware and Washington's Crossing.


With those plus the book Jan in SC's dh has read -- please let me know the title -- I should have some great options.


I'll be sure to let you know what I pick.


Thanks to all who posted.



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