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Scrapbooking question

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ok, I have made one scrapbook in my life. It was done quickly (6 weeks) for a wedding shower gift for my dd. Our first grandchild was born in October. I had a thought this morning of something I would like to do for her. I would like to start a scrapbook for her now and keep it up as the years go along. But I would like to journal more in this one. Maybe write letters on different important events of her life. I would need lines for this. How do I get lines on the paper without drawing them on there. Would I just write on paper and then put it on the scrapbook page? Any other thoughts?

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Two options spring to mind.


You can buy scrapbooking paper with lines on it. Have you already bought an album? I know that Creative Memories offers pages with the lines already printed on. Or you can purchase smaller paper to stick onto your page for smaller paragraphs.


Another option is to buy a line template. You can find these in scrapbooking stores. It's a stencil that just has lines, and you simply trace onto the paper with a fine-tip scrapbooking marker.

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Fabulous idea! I have 4 grandkids and have started an album for each of them at their birth. I included lots of pictures from their first yeat and then do a birthday page after that.



I really only know Creative Memories albums, so that is where my advice is coming from.


CM has lined pages to journal on.. They used to sell htem as whole refill pages, and then you could journal on a full page. Then they switched to just paper that could be used on a page.


They also sell a set of small papers, ( photo size) in a coordinating kit that includes solid and print papers along with journaling boxes that you can write in...lines already in place.


Calendar pages are also available if you have a whole month or even just a busy week of adventures you want to include once in a while.


You can also journal on a computer, print it out and add to the page that way.


I would suggest you head to a craft store ( or look up and CM rep) and decide what kind of album you want to use and then look around at the options for paper and decide what will work for you.

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Creative Memories has very nice materials.



So does Close to My Heart.



I'm sure that representatives for either company would be happy to help you get started. If you want to go crazy, you may want to look for a scrapbooking event near you. It is a good way to see what other people are doing and how they are doing it. It is also a good excuse to get a lot of scrapbooking done.


--Laura in Iowa

who does not sell scrapbooking supplies, but has organized her own event for January 9th

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Here's another idea. My niece started doing this when her dd was born a couple of years ago.


She makes a book for each year of her dd's life using blurb.com. Each page contains both photos and text. She starts out posting everything on her private blog, and then converts it to blurb somehow. (Maybe she just cuts and pastes between the two; I'm not exactly sure how it works. Sorry I'm not more helpful with the details.)


If you do something like this, you can have as many copies of the book printed as you wish. My niece gives them as Christmas presents to the grandparents. If something ever happens to the book, you just go back and request to have another one printed.


I've never used the service myself, but I am considering it for this upcoming year.


Just another idea to toss into the ring.

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