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Need memorizing/practice ideas

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Our new curriculum has lots of opportunities for memorization and daily practice of little "bites" of work - Latin vocab to memorize, one or two sentences to parse, an alegbra problem to do every day, spelling words for two dc, pesky mult. facts, etc.


Does anyone have a neat system they use to organize and/or display these short daily tasks? I've heard of a card system for memorizing but can't find the thread...also, if I chose that I'd want a way to insert those daily practice items too, such as the sentence from MCT Practice Town to diagram or the Hands-on Equations problem to solve. I'd *love* to make it all work together in one system, hopefully somehow motivating.


Any ideas? TIA!:bigear:

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I can't find the oh-so-easy website that shows pictures of this, but our system is very simple.


When we do memory work, we do it early in the day, after our read aloud (read at breakfast). My kids use a notebook, with their current selection tabbed in front. Each Monday, they also review their sections tabbed "Weekly." Each first day of the month, they also review their sections tabbed "Monthly." (This was the only way I could consistently remember to teach and review.)


Max time: 10 mins.


Others prefer a similar system, set up on index cards in a "recipe" box. It would work the same way, with different tabs labeled "weekly," "monthly," etc., and the corresponding works behind each of those tabs.


We've maintained this system for four years or so. It's worked well for us.

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This is the first year that we've done memory work consistently. I use the Charlotte Mason file box system here:




They each get about 5 new memory cards a week that they practice on their own. I bought each kid a timer from Lakeshore Learning that I love -




They set their timer for 5 minutes each day to review their cards. On Friday, I give an M&M quiz - each card they know, earns them 2 M&Ms. They love this part! At the end of the semester (just a week ago) I randomly pulled 10 of their cards for a memory contest. I was amazed at how much they remembered! The winner got a treasure chest surprise (dollar store toys/candy). Hope this helps!


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Haven't read the posts, so I may be repeating. We have done this with memory work and made up our own system based on what I had heard of the card box system. I started copying scriptures, grammar stuff, science definitions, EFTRU Greek & Latin roots, etc., onto those big cards that have same-sized matching box. I had a daily file, every other day, weekly, and bi-weekly. We'd work on something daily until it was stuck in the brain then move it to every other day. We'd keep it there for a couple of weeks while still working on our daily stuff. After I felt it was really there, we'd move it to weekly, etc. I need to do that again. We really packed in some memory work while doing that.

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