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What subjects should I plan for 1st grade?


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Because I'm a crazy, obsessed person, I'm starting to think about 1st grade:) That way I can start watching for deals in February (and 'cause I'm crazy, obsessed and looooovvve planning!). But there are so many things to consider!!


Please help me focus a bit? Here's what I'd like to include:


  • Bible
  • Math. I'll decide which one later.
  • Phonics. She's currently using A Beka 1st grade phonics and we're sort of using Phonics Pathways on the side. I suppose we'll just keep going that route until I know we've covered everything in PP, then review as necessary.
  • History. Probably Story of the World.
  • Science. Currently considering Apologia or God's Design.
  • Handwriting. We'll probably start cursive in 1st grade. Her writing is very neat and she wants to learn : )
  • Art. The kids have weekly art lessons with their grandmother.
  • Logic. Something simple to do a few days a week, like a page or two of Mind Benders, which she's loved this year.



So that sounds pretty full to me. But then I'm also looking at First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease. How many times a week do you use each of those and how long are the lessons? And when should we start spelling? 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade?


What should we realistically plan to do in 1st grade?

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Mine weren't ready for logic, ( Grammar Stage first,, I'm beginning to believe that)


However, Song School Latin was a fun discovery, I'd drop the logic and add Song School Latin, Don't get teh Teacher's Manual, Just get the student book and make a copy of the cd for the car.


I'd also probably do WWE. teeny weeny little lessons, oral in WWE 1. And as you are starting out, you'll not discover that you love it like we did in 4th grade and have to sort out what level to start. I personally think WWE is worth it just for the reading list alone. Get the workbook 1, you don't need the text. It's all in the wrokbook, open and go.


I find FLL to be deadly repeative, But FLL 3 is a workbook format and has diagramming and has been a better fit. I'm kinda iffy about FLL 1 and 2, but you don't have to do every single lesson, I often get married to a curriculum and forget the child. IF you can skip as you need to, you might like FLL. We will be moving into Michael Clay Thompson . IF I had to do it again, I MIGHT, MIGHT just wait until 3rd and do MCT. for grammar. But then, we did some FLL, so I'm not sure if MCT is working so well because we are not coming to it cold. I dont' know.


ESPECIALLY if you are going to do cursive. dd was ready early too,


Take a look at Spell to Write and Read and couple it with Cursive First, they are made to go together. SWR, looks incredibly daunting, but once you get how to do it, if it works for you,, you're set with your spelling curriculum until the end.


my 2 cents.

~christine in al

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Christine, yes, I got all the info to get the Discovering streaming for free. BUT since we're not officially in a church school yet, I can't get it yet:/ You're in AL? Go here http://www.aptv.org/aptplus/, then click sign in/register. There's an option for Homeschool Educator. I'm pretty sure that was it! If you're not with a cover school, you can still register for a parent account and have access to some things, but I haven't found them to be too helpful.


Thanks for the suggestions! For logic, I just mean very simple things, not really LOGIC, I guess:) I guess "thinking skills" might be more appropriate? She loved Mind Benders Beg 1 and yesterday we started Mind Bender Warmup and she was excited about it! So I want to continue with something like that, which will only take maybe 5 minutes, 3-5 times a week. Or we do Mighty Mind or mazes and I have tangrams for future use.


I keep seeing MCT but I've yet to figure out what it is!! It seems that no one ever uses the actual name!! lol:)


Would AAS help with learning to read harder words? I would think that spelling the more difficult words would come later than learning to read them? This is my first time to teach reading though.


I guess grammar and spelling could wait? What's more important in 1st grade - spending more time on fun history/science or getting started on grammar/spelling/writing? Does it matter at all? Maybe do science and writing? Science, writing, and some simple spelling? LOL... this is partly why I'm deciding early... that way I can think about it for months;)

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We do WWE and FLL. FLL takes 5-10 minutes a couple-3 times a week and WWE is about 10-15 minutes 4 times a week. I would not look at MCT yet, because it isn't designed to be used until about 3rd grade but it's Michael Clay Thompson's language arts program.


I would focus on learning to read well, write and do math, then whatever else you deem important. For us, it's science and fine arts. (We do history, too, but it's not my main goal.) I wouldn't worry about starting spelling until you finish your phonics program, just to streamline your day. If nothing else, I recommend doing your chosen math program, phonics, WWE, and handwriting. Grammar isn't absolutely necessary at the first grade level, though FLL is a good intro. Ariel is doing first grade work, and our curriculum is in my signature. We do multiple math programs, but don't do both every day.

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I wouldn't miss FLL. There are a lot of little things in there that are perfect for homeschool (like writing your full name, initials, address, the date, the months, etc.) IMO WWE can wait and you can work on handwriting instead. I think the idea of dropping logic in favor of Latin was great.


I would not drop phonics in favor of spelling. If anything do the opposite. Really, you could stick with Abeka Language Arts across the board and have a great program with less decisions to make. (Abeka is the best for 1st and 2nd grade math too.)

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About half of that. ;) Siblings can really make things take a lot longer. :D


LOL:) Isn't that the truth! I have this ridiculous idea that maybe next year my youngest DS won't be crying at me every morning... he'll be 2 1/2, so he can just play, right? Right???? lol... sure...


We're currently doing Bible, math, phonics, handwriting, art, logic, and science. But we never do more than 5 subjects in a day so it all works out.


Would you all really not do any easy Thinking Skills activities in favor of 1st grade latin? I would think that would take more time and she'd probably find it less fun. But I'll definitely give it consideration:)


I was able to get FLL from the library today. It looks like it would be very easy to use. We might try out the first few lessons, just to get a feel for it.


Thanks for the suggestions!! I don't have anything decided for sure yet, so I appreciate all your input!!

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My lil guy is two and a half and he is not making things easier. LOL


I actually bought some school desks and a cabinet for each child to have school things in and I am going to try to have him doing school or playing in the room (it is the toy room right now) while we do school. My mom is organizing it tomorrow! (I have a broken foot, so she is coming to help, isn't she awesome!)

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