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How to determine IEW for grade level?


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I'm considering IEW for our writing program for 7th grade, but I'm not sure I understand the program. The TWSS is more about how to teach it and the SWI A, B, C are actual instructions for the student--right?


How does this work with grade level? Eleven yo dd is a bit behind in her writing skills (IMO), so would she be able to make good use of the IEW SWI A or would it be too elementary/childish for her?


I'd greatly appreciate any light any of you could shed on this for me. She is a bit below where I think average would be and I want to get a rigorous program going that would remedy that and bring her skills well above average, if possible. Does such a thing exist???


TIA for your help.

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Well, the TWSS has 10 discs. 7 are for the parent/teacher and 3 are geared toward the student (there's one for each level - A/B/C). Then you can do the SWI-A *or* you could go to one of the theme-based writing lessons.


There's nothing wrong with doing SWI-A for a 7th grader if writing is her weak point (I ordered A for my 6th grader). I think the theme based lessons do a better job of hand-holding. If you choose one and really stick with it, you can make a lot of progress in a year. From there you could go on to SWCC at a higher level if you want to continue.


Hope that helps!

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You could totally do A with an older child if you wish. None of what I've seen (TWSS & Theme based) is babyish at all. The lower levels just contain a simplified version of what is in C. . . so an A program might teach 5 dress ups over the year and teach 6 of the 9 units. . . where as B might teach 5 dress ups, 4 openers, 8 of the 9 units. . . C would teach it ALL.


So, it would work fine to start with A and then move to B next yr.


I do think B would be the generally recc. level for 7th gr, but you can obviously do a level higher or lower for your specific child.

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If I were you, I'd just call and talk to Andrew. He is most helpful and doesn't mind answering any questions.


From my understanding (I spoke with him a long time ago) the levels correlate with age groups and not experience. The lower levels are geared toward a younger audience. He uses lots of humor, so the younger students get a different instruction than the older students, however they are all the same in content.


Seriously though, you can just call and talk to him. He's very friendly and my son loved the idea that I actually talked to the guy on the video. :) I think the number is on their website.

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