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Washing DC trip with/for kids? Unit Study?

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We are going DC with our good friends (and homeschoolers) come May. The kids are 2nd, 4th and 6th. We decided today to do DC for our geography/ us history for the spring. (something I'm supposed to cover for regs, so we tend to do it loosely basically to satisfy regs, not because it fits in my overall plan)Now I'm in charge of putting it together and need to find things.


I've never done unit studies before, so I have no clue where to even look for them. Plus currently I don't have internet and don't know when it will get fixed at home, so I'm stuck doing everything from teh library.


Does anyone have any suggestions on unit studies? Books on Dc that would be good for geography? Good for history? Anything?


I cross posted this because of my lack of internet. Please post or PM me anything that you think would be even remotely helpful, especially since I won't get back for days to answer any questions.




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I would get a Fodor's DC guidebook from the library to start with. You have to know the immense scope of what you are dealing with. :lol: Some people suggest Fodor's for/with children books but I'd get the adult one first to educate yourself.


DC is huge. There is gov't, history, culture, monuments, museums, zoos, etc... On what do you want to focus? What are your "must-sees?" Make note of what is closed (Ford's Theatre was closed when we were there 2 years ago.)


Some people suggest Fodor's for/with children books but I'd get the adult one first to educate yourself.


Also, May is graduation season for all the universities/colleges. Start looking for reservations now.


HTH a bit.

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Now I want to be a Jr. Ranger.

I think this may be this years adventure when we visit my sister in DC in April.


We did the Jr. Ranger program across the SW US once... Petrified Forest, Death Valley, Carlsbad Caverns, etc. It was so cool! The kids still request I transfer their precious patches to their new back packs every year.


I had no idea they did this in DC, I am SO on it for our upcoming trip!

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