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TT-PreAlgebra Question regarding CD's

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What are the higher levels of TT like? My son is using TT-6 right now and his favorite part of the program is that he enters his answers on the computer and the program tells him whether he got it right or not. I know that upper level does not have a gradebook starting with PreAlgebra, but does the student still enter his answers on the computer? Or is it strictly lecture/solutions only on the cd's? Thanks!



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The problem sets are in the workbook; the student can either write their answers in the book, or on a separate piece of paper if you want to save the workbook for another child, or resell it when you're done.




Thanks for the info. The cd rom is why my son likes TT. I think he likes that the problems are read to him rather than him having to rely on reading it himself. I still haven't pegged his learning style completely. Sometimes I think he's a very visual kid. And other times I think he's auditory. Obviously, he must be a little bit of both. :tongue_smilie: But Math has always been a struggle. We switched to Rightstart when he was in 3rd grade which seemed to help. Someone gave me TT-6 for free so I have been using that as a supplement to Rightstart this year and he loves it. I'm trying to decide which curriculum to choose for upper levels as we're almost finished with Rightstart. One more year left. But like I said, it's the audio part of TT that he likes. So that's good to know that the higher grades are different than the lower levels. Thanks.



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