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What curriculum have you hung on to for younger siblings?


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All the Singapore Primary textbooks. Life of Fred. Will be hanging on to MCT, definitely. I'm re-using Sequential Spelling, and I used Reading Reflex with all of them.


I thought I would re-use EG6 for my younger, but now that I have MCT, I think I probably won't bother - I don't think I can part with it yet, though. :tongue_smilie:


I am re-using all the Critical Thinking Press and Mindware books my older two used, as well as their Map Skills and Outlining books.


Hmmm... I'm realizing I didn't use a lot of texts for the elementary years... they did the same handwriting, but it's consumable, as is the Spanish text I'm using for my older two (Spanish the Easy Way). For my older kids' science, we did units without texts (younger started Mr. Q this year). We've been doing history with living books and all together, so there's nothing to save. WWE is new to my youngest.


I guess I've been pretty happy with most of what I've used and will recycle or re-buy the bulk of it.

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Teaching Textbooks

Timez Attack

Apologia Elementary books (Astronomy and Zoo 3 so far)

Many, but not all, of the read alouds from SL Cores K-4

Ditto with the readers from SL 3-4

Will be keeping MCT's Town Level

Hands-On Equations

Keeping Prima Latina and LC1, but my youngers may have absorbed so much by the time they start Latin that I can at least drop PL


I think there's more, but I'm drawing a blank. :001_huh:

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R&S English

SL core 5 Human Anatomy Science

Total Health

MANY living science and history books

LOTS!! of literature books

Figuratively Speaking

Vocabulary Vine

Critical Thinking Co. books

Ummm...I know there's more. My shelves are full! :lol:

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thought of a few more
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WWE because I think doing even just the first level is invaluable- it got my other kids writing complete sentences effortlessly. My plan is the first two levels with each kid and then IEW, although my youngest is so creative and catches on to thing so quickly that I'm wondering if we'll end up with something different.


RightStart math but he says he wants a workbook. :001_huh:


All of our SL books- even if he doesn't do the cores, the books are great and he can have them around to read in his free time since he's a big reader.


AAS I have saved because he could use the phonics review of at least the first level but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to use it again.


All of our science programs since he can not get enough of science and ends up going through more than one program in a year.

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I've saved:


math manipulatives such as tangramables, pattern animals, cuisenaire rod books etc.


Phonics Pathways & Reading Pathways


Pathway readers


Tons of living books for science, history, nature study etc.




PLL/ILL (I'm not using it right now, but I got a great deal on it and it might work for one of the children coming up!)

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Almost everything ;) There have really only been a couple of programs that I didn't like and have resold. Rather than buying different material for different style learners, I simply adapt how I teach the material and make it work for us.


What we're keeping:


Singapore Math, R&S English, SWO, Critical Thinking Press books, LfC materials, PP, Apologia science, a few history books, piano books, 1-2-3 Draw books


I'm sure there are a few more things down there I can't remember off the top of my head.

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all IEW: TWSS and theme based.


FLL and now WWE

Apologia (h.s.)

All Genevieve Foster books

All D'Aulaire books

All Richard Maybury books and Thomas Sowell's Economics

John Howard Tiner science books

SOTW books and CD's

Everything from MP- FM guides, CS, LC

All Diana Waring tapes

Draw write now series

VP timeline cards -hx and Bible

Drawing Textbook, Bruce McIntyre

All Usborne books- especially puzzle books, reordered mazes a couple of times, all hx and science

Lightening Lit guides

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I have boxes of saved books and TMs. I won't reuse them all though.

I know I'll reuse my Key to Math TMs, Mosdos Press literature, SL books,LOF,Famous Men of Greece and Rome, SOTW vol.1-4, History of US series. Also numerous science books and other literature.


( I'm saving a few books in case I ever have grandchildren.)

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