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the next two weeks are going to drive me batty

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i am waiting to find out if this month is a productive month in the realm of trying for another baby. i am trying to put it in God's hands so hard...trying to say we've done what we can and now it is in Your hands...but i so wnat to obsess over whether or not i could be pregnant. we have been trying now for 9 cycles actively and about a year of not really preventing but not trying either (after dd was born up until last december--2008). dh is gone and i really don't want to have to tell him over unsecured, monitored email but i will if that's what happens...

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Bless your heart - that mommy longing is so strong and now you can't even communicate much with your husband to at least feel listened to. I agree with the distraction approach. I would make a list of all the things you like to do and want to get done while hubby is gone. If being with friends and other family help put that on the list. Then make concrete plans to do those things so you don't just languish around and feel worse.

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