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Help me shop for this family...

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DH's boss and family are coming to dinner and DH wants me to buy them nice gifts each. They have always been WAY generous with our dc and he wants us to reciprocate.


So, there is the husband (boss), his wife, a college-age boy, a college-age girl.


I bought the wife a beautiful cashmere wrap (nicely wrapped) and the daughter a collection of big tin lip balms in different flavors from Anthropologie (also fun wrapping).


I have no idea what to buy the guys!


The husband owns a million suits and ties, a million books, and has no hobbies. I barely know the college-age son and have no idea of interests.


My DH is no help in this.


Any ideas?

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itunes gc. Is it General Cinemas that is more common? Do you know if the dc goes to college, or which one? Maybe you could buy a college book or other school store GC over the phone?


As for the older gentleman...is it true he has no hobbies at all? Does he golf or read? Walk? Listen to music? Is he a homebody? Maybe he likes to work outside? My dh loves to plant things...and he would love GC from any local nursery! What about a nice bottle of wine or olive oil? ;) Maybe he secretly likes to cook? Does he like bagels? Where does he get his coffee?

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My 21 yr old son got a green pen light.......can't thnk what's it called. lasor light.......he just loves it. One of son inlaws got a space pen....it's pretty indestructible. He loves it!

Our other son inlaw got a Gyroscope thing........


I will send links if you want to.

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