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Where/how do you store all your passwords and user names?

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If you use Firefox, go to Tools-> Options and find all the saved passwords there. (That only works if you have been clicking (save password) when the pop up box comes up.) To make a backup copy you need to download this password exporter add-on.


Then I just keep a copy in Excel. I also have a handwritten copy of the ones I use frequently.

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Guest Alte Veste Academy

I keep them in an Excel file that has a tenuous connection to the subject...and they're in invisible ink. That's all I'm saying about that. :D

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Along with storing several of the non-secure ones within my Mozilla Firefox browser application, I have always kept a mini spiral bound notebook that has all my ID's and PW's. I write them down AS SOON as a new one is created, even if I think I will remember it. And I use pencil because I have a practice of changing the info from time to time as an added security.


In my little notebook I don't list the website of the secure sites, just a reference to it that I will understand. The notebook is always in a safe place that is handy for me to reference whenever I need it. Believe me, having this has saved my life a time or two.




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I use Roboform. There is a free version that stores 10 passwords. The pro version stores unlimited passwords and only costs $29.95.


It does more than just store passwords and is so worth the money. It stores unlimited log ins (user name, password, etc). It stores all of your other information for filling forms. When you come to a page where you have to fill out all of your information, like name, address, phone number, birthday, etc., you can fill it out with just a single click. And you can do this for unlimited identities and users. It can also store all of your credit card information for you for online purchases. And, if you are worried about losing the information, you can print a hard copy of all of the information easily. Oh, and it automatically lets you know when there is an upgrade, which you get for free. Here's a list of all the pro features.


For security, you can have a master password that must be entered to access information. You can protect individual passwords as you wish. So, nonsensitive ones can be used with just a click and sensitive ones will require the master password to be entered first. The protected information can not be accessed with the master password so if you forget it, it is not retrieval by any means. It is also encrypted so that if you computer is hacked or stolen, it is very difficult to get to if you have a good master password.


I've been using Roboform for probably 6 years now. I love it.

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