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remember my summer school adventure with dn?

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I summer schooled her in math and reading because I was disgusted with how she went down an entire grade level in reading each summer for the past two years (already struggles with math), then spent literally six months trying to catch up. I don't put much stock in test scores, but considering everything else, it was a pattern worth noticing.


Well, I just found out that this year, she IMPROVED in her fall scores!!!!! :party:


I'm so happy and proud, I could cry! To be fair, her brother also improved in math, and this was the first year he attended public summer school, so this wasn't due to any excellent methods on my part (although I don't know how MUCH they improved, so who knows ;) ). It's just so ENCOURAGING that all my time and effort, despite my crappy just-learning methods (yeah, there will be some changes next summer :lol:), paid off!!


I'm already counting the months until next summer (not planning, I already did that in September LOL).

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