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Ha! I did it!

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This is the first time in a very long time that I actually:


--got the Christmas cards (left overs from previous years and a couple boxes cheap at a yard sale type store) mailed out/delivered BEFORE Christmas - and not the day before, either


--got the token presents (thanks to outside help) wrapped two days before Christmas - and not at 2:00 a.m. the morning OF Christmas


--got the Christmas wrap, etc., packed back away today - and not next week (or the next . . .)


I know these are really lame accomplishments - but with all that life has thrown at us the past many years and ongoing, I will take any kind of positive accomplishment I can get!!! :D

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Those are huge accomplishments! I accomplished none of them...


I got the last of my Christmas cards mailed today. If I call them holiday cards, does it still count?


I think I've decided I just want to start sending out New Year's cards. Then I don't have to remember which of my friends celebrate Christmas, and I can just mail them out in the week after Christmas when I've got time! Bleh.


Now I guess I have to get going on that... :glare:

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