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Tell me how to cook thick New York strip steaks

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Hi folks,


I have abominable luck with steak. It usually comes out tough. Help.


I have three, thick New York strip steaks. They have been marinating a couple hours in olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice, and pepper.


Dh likes his bloody but not raw, and the kids and I prefer it well-done.


Broil? Fry in a pan? Take my hand and coach me along--I love steak but have never been good at cooking it.



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I don't do well with my broiler because they tend to overcook. I would pan fry it on mid to low heat in a little olive oil.


YUM!!! Enjoy!!! Did you have a good Christmas? Was everyone healthy???


Miss you!


Okay, we'll give it a try. Thanks!


Yes, we had a good Christmas. The stomach flu ripped through our family for two weeks but we're all fine now. It did complicate the Christmas preparations though.


We spent Christmas Eve with dh's family--they're a lovely bunch, and we always enjoy our time with them. Christmas day was nice too. We relaxed at home most of the day together and then went to spend the evening with the cousins.


We'd love to know how your ds reacted to his gift from my ds--ds was gleeful and excited to think of it. We all really enjoyed our time with your family.


How was your Christmas?

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Pat them dry. My one disclaimer is that I don't know exactly what your marinade will do with this recipe. When we do this, we don't marinade first.




Get out your heaviest skillet. A cast iron one is what we use.


Let it heat while you pat the steak dry. Let the skillet get hot. This takes a few minutes.


Place the steak on the *hot* pan and leave it there for 3-4 minutes for hubby's. 5 minutes for yours. Set a timer. Do not peek during the cooking times.


Turn over and cook the other side in a similar manner. For well done, you'll have to add some more minutes I think.


Put the steaks on a plate and tent them with foil. Resting is important for the juicy-iness of the steak.


We usually put sliced onions and mushrooms in the hot pan. (Turn off the heat for a moment...or at least down) Add some butter and cook until the onion begins to soften. We add another dollop of butter and a cup of good red wine at this point. Stir up all the tasty bits from the bottom of the pan.


Add the steaks back into the onion/wine mixture and serve.


This recipe is our 'date night at home' meal. We add a baked sweet potato, some simple fruit salad, and more of the red wine.

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We'd love to know how your ds reacted to his gift from my ds--ds was gleeful and excited to think of it. We all really enjoyed our time with your family.


How was your Christmas?


He was so excited! I've never seen him so speechless, he couldn't believe it. It touched him to think that your ds would do that. He will be e-mailing him tomorrow when he gets the chance to tell your ds thanks.


Our Christmas was nice. We just had such a good time from the fireworks at midnight on Christmas Eve to the dinner with friends Christmas afternoon. It was one of the best I remember.


We enjoyed you all too! Dd13 said she's going to e-mail your dd and see how she's doing. We've been just a little bit over busy so unfortunately it hasn't been done before now. But, we still talk about what a great time we had!


I'm glad to hear that your Christmas was so good and the flu was over by that time!

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