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TOG 2, Unit 2


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I just ordered this on Sunday and is on backorder (it's okay because I'm still using SOTW2). I wanted to be prepared before I receive it. I didn't buy the recommended books yet, as I want to buy them slowly (on a budget).

I was wondering if there is a place on Tapestryofgrace.com that has a list of what books will be used each week? That way, I can buy the books --for example #12 Introduction to the Southern Renaissance - what books do I need for that? #13 The Southern Renaissance and the Early Explorers- books for that. (Am I making sense?) :confused: Well, I'll still keep looking for myself if I'm not making sense. :tongue_smilie:


Thank you.

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Even though the Unit itself is on back order, I would call and ak them to give you access to the list posted for the books, that way you can go ahead look at the book list.


:iagree: I was just going to suggest this.... They will be more than willing to help you...:001_smile:

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