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A Christmas poem for those who have a lost a loved one this year(cc)

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I'm finding this poem comforting this year, as I lost a very dear loved one a few months ago. I'm posting it hoping maybe it will be helpful to others.


I'm Spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this Year


I see the countless Christmas trees,

Around the world below.

With tiny lights, like heaven's stars,

Reflecting on the snow.


The sight is so spectacular,

Please wipe away that tear.

For I'm spending Christmas,

With Jesus Christ this year.


I hear the many Christmas songs,

That people hold so dear.

But the sounds of music can't compare,

With the Christmas choir up here.



For I have no words to tell you,

The joy their voices bring.

For it is beyond description,

To hear the angels sing.


I know how much you miss me,

I see the pain inside your heart,

But I am not so far away,

we are really not apart.


So be happy for me, dear ones,

you know I hold you dear,

And be glad I’m spending Christmas,

with Jesus Christ this year.


I send you each a special gift,

from my heavenly home above,

I send you each a memory,

of my undying love.


For after all “Love” is the gift,

more precious than pure gold,

It was always most important,

in the stories Jesus told.


So please love and help each other,

as my Father said to do,

For I cannot count the blessings,

or the love He has for you.


So have a Merry Christmas,

and wipe away that tear,

For I am spending Christmas,

with Jesus Christ this year.

I can't tell you of the splendor,

Or the peace here in this place.

Can you just imagine Christmas,

With our Savior, face to face?


I'll ask Him to light your spirit,

As I tell Him of your love.

So then pray one for another,

As you lift your eyes above.



Please let your hearts be joyful,

And let your spirit sing.

For I'm Spending Christmas in Heaven,

And I'm walking with the King.

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Ds's best friend died this summer and Christmas Day will mark 6 months :sad:


His parents grief is still so raw; I'm posting the poem on their son's facebook page (they left it up so friends could "talk" to W) and pray it gives them some comfort.

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