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Prayer request (Christian content)

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I just found out that the son of some friends of ours committed suicide on Monday. He was in his early 20's and just overwhelmed with some situations. He was almost ready to graduate from college.


Anyway, prayers are appreciated for this family. They live in St. Louis.


Words can't express how devastated they are right now. The mom has homeschooled all three kids off and on, and they are very loving parents.

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Praying here.

There is a family in our church who just experienced the suicide of their 24 yr. old son. The funeral sermon was done by John Piper (our pastor) and it is on this website: desiringgod.org if you go to topic index under resources and click on suicide there are actually two or three funerals of Christians who have committed suicide there. Luke Anderson is the one I am talking about and I read the transcript from it and it is a hopeful message that maybe at some point you can pass along to this family.

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Michelle - I know of another boy who committed suicide in St. Louis two weeks ago. His girlfriend works for me in Columbia and they had a fight right before he did it. I did not know exactly how to reach out to her to console her as, of course, she blames herself. Suicide is such a horrible thing.

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