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Is anyone else already thinking about what they will do with their "stimulus" check?

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Our bank has these rewards points things and along with gift cards and material stuff that you can redeem there are also dollar amounts that can be used to start an IRA and a few other investment options. We have enough points to put almost $1000 into retirement and we'll be using part of the stimulus check for even more savings. (Yes, it's sad that this is just the START of our retirement egg, but it is what it is. lol)


We will use a bit of the check, though, for our small summer vacation. :)

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1. Paying of dh's medical bills.

2. Paying for our new deck out back.

3. Taking a weekend getaway for me and dh in May. (It's been almost three years since we've gone away for the weekend. We're going to dh's law school 5 year reunion.)


Of course, this is assuming that the government doesn't put it directly onto dh's student loans. I interpreted the information to mean past due student loans, which wouldn't apply to us, but we never saw the first stimulus check several years ago, so who knows about this one?

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I've been thinking about replacing flooring, getting Lasix, a bigger diamond (a girl's gotta dream!), and more. But, probably, we should be responsible with it and put it towards our next car or the kids' college funds. :001_unsure:

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We'll stick it in savings and use it for one of these things:


1. Redoing our fireplace/mantle (it's brick and brass right now) and adding a plasma tv and blueray player.


2. Staining our deck and fence, re-doing our front porch, and working on some nicer landscaping.


3. Finish finishing our basement. (We still need to add carpet, paint, and another closet.)


If we don't use it for these things, it'll stay in savings and get used toward:


1. A new (used) car in about 3 years.


2. Our European Vacation in 2011


3. Other various vacations between now and then!


So, I could really use about 10 times the amount I'm getting!!! LOL

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