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Any ideas for a christmas craft?

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My favorite site for easy crafts is familyfun.go.com

The site is easy to navigate and the craft ideas are realistic and fun. No crazy materials or extreme craftiness required.

We make an ornament every year. These were easy and fun: http://familyfun.go.com/christmas/christmas-ornaments/swirl-a-balls-661439/


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Last year, we did salt dough ornaments and painted them. They look really good actually! You could also grab some pinecones, some cotton balls, glue, beads, construction paper to make a tree with start and ornaments sitting in snow. We made these several years ago and each year when they surface, the girls all say, "Ahhh, I remember making those!"

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Something I just saw down the road was a project I've wanted to do but never have. It's really pretty. Save a bunch of similar size large (lg. cottage cheese container, coffee can, etc.) containers and freeze colored water in them (use food dye). As it freezes, you'll need to make a hollow in the top to put a light or candle in - dig it out as it becomes slushy or maybe see if a balloon will stay put so the water freezes around it. When it's good and frozen dump it out upside-down (run hot water over container to help) and line the driveway w/ these - put lit votive candles or some kind of light underneath.

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I wish I had a picture because these turned out really nice, but you can make wreaths out of sticks, twine, and strips of cloth.


You can google and get ideas for round wreaths, but we just did square ones. The round ones looked complicated. The square ones are easy.


1. Go outside and find a bunch of sticks.


2. Break sticks so they're all about the same size. (Not too big, or the wreath looks empty in the middle.)


3. Each side of the square will have about 4 sticks in it.


4. Use twine to wrap the corners of the sticks together--sort of like how an ancient axe head would be wrapped onto a stick.


5. Cut strips of cloth (I found rustic gingham cloth at WalMart) and tie the cloth at the corners to hide the twine, and to be decorative bows.


6. Hot glue stuff onto the wreath, or don't. Up to you. (Pine cones, fake fruit...whatever.)


The wreaths are really pretty, with or without stuff glued on. You can make them for any season.

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We just did this a few hours ago...clear bulbs from Michaels, etc. Put a few drops of Pledge floor cleaner inside them, swirl around, dump out the excess. Add some glitter, put the top back on and shake around. Very pretty, easy and relatively inexpensive! You can dress them up anyway you choose. We used my littlest dd's handprint in white, then we're going to dress the "fingers" as snowmen using sharpies. I wish I had picked up more bulbs, as they're so pretty! They were 50% off, so pretty cheap. If I make it to town this week, I told the kids I'll pick up some more. We are sending them to family members for gifts, but they want to make some for our tree as well!

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