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How well should a 6yo spell?


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Our son is 6.5, 1st grade, avidly reads at ~4th grade level. I'm trying to figure out if I have a struggling speller, a natural speller, a normally developing speller, or what! He's almost through with AAS 1, and he's learned a lot from it, but if he doesn't need that level of instruction/teacher time, then I'll likely try something more independent.


What is normal for 6yo/ 1st grade??


Here's a sample of recent spelling attempts:


bock = book

roes= rose

coet= coat

pensl = pencil

wistle = whistle

yelo = yellow

littl = little

aprin= apron

sok= sock

rug= rug


papr= paper

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I'm not sure what is normal, but it looks very similar to my daughter's spelling attempts a few months ago. It looks like he's a phonetic speller so you'll probably want to stick with a rules-based program.


My daughter uses AAS and is half-way through Level 2. I never spend more than 15 minutes on it, and usually 5 to 10. But I primarily got AAS for my son; my daughter could probably work more independently.


Julie D.

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I know from what the teachers were telling us when my kids were in ps that your kid's spelling looks completely on target for his grade level. I also have a 1st grader and his spelling looks like that too. Even the 2nd grader still tries to write words the way she hears them (and she reads at a 4th grade level also). I think it's a developmental thing - the teachers were saying.


On that note, we do BJU Spelling. :D

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His spelling looks normal...most teachers would be happy that it's phonetic.


I would stick with a mommy-led, rules based spelling program for a while longer. He's "this close!" You don't want "1st grade normal" forever - kwim;)


We do SWR, which is similar to AAS from what I hear on this board. I know it's time-consuming, but the pay-off down the road is worth it. I would cut other things first if you have scheduling issues. jmho

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