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I can't believe I spent $40 on 20 minutes of spelling


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My DS7 sped through Levels 1 and 2 of AAS and slowed down a bit for Level 3. He just finished level 3 and I was looking ahead at Level 4 and thought to myself...hmmmm, this doesn't look too hard - let's see what he knows already. So I asked him a bunch of words from each step...he only made 1 mistake in about 10 minutes. It would probably take me 10-15 more minutes to summarize for him all the new rules/phonograms presented in Level 4.


Yep. $40 for 20 minutes of spelling.


Does Level 5 get any harder????


The problem is I haven't found any other program that is as sequential and explains things in such a catchy way (like protecting short vowels, etc.)



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I recommend Megawords book 1.


Thanks for the recommendation. I saw that each workbook is about $8.00. I have 3 others coming up behind DS7. That would be much more expensive overall than just buying Levels 5 and 6 of AAS since it's not consumable.


AAS says that by the end of Level 6 a student will be spelling at a high school level. Would you say completing Megawords would take a student to a higher level?


The other spelling resource I have is Natural Speller. I was thinking I could possibly apply the principles of AAS to that program. However, I do like that Megawords is a workbook. The other downside to AAS is how teacher intensive it is.

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