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Did anyone have a mortgage through Washington Mutual...

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...that was then switched over to Chase? If you did, did you have a problem with the payment address, late payments and fees, etc.?


I'm trying to determine whether the problem we're having is a common one or unique to us. We got a letter from them two months ago saying that we only had to change the payment name on our checks, but not the payment address, which I did in our online payment info. As a result, our payment was a month late, and they charged us a $78 fee. When I called just now and said I'd found the letter that should explain the issue and wanted the fee removed, the guy didn't even ask for more details or anything, he just put me on hold for 30 seconds and removed the fee. Needless to say, I'm a little suspicious, particularly after the "There's nothing we can do about that, ma'am" conversation I had when I first called about this!


My past experiences with Chase were very negative, and now my experience with them holding our mortgage has been very upsetting. I was NOT happy when I found out about the acquisition initially, and now I'm ready to refinance just to get away from them. They're also issuing double statements each month, and our online mortgage account info is inaccurate and doesn't reflect what the statements say. They're so sneaky and underhanded, it's no wonder they have the reputation they do :(


Can other Chase mortgagees give me any info on things to watch out for?



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I haven't gone through what you've gone through, but at least my post will bump this for you.


Our mortgage with RBC was sold to Chase mere weeks after closing. We made ONE payment to RBC and the rest have been to Chase. We have had no trouble making payments to Chase, but I make them all online, so I wonder if that has something to do with it. No mail to be late, no late fees, no "we didn't get your payment by 12:00noon on the second full moon of the leap year" so we charged you a zillion bucks, or whatever tricks they use these days to maximize late fees. Is there a way you can pay online? It is really easy to set up and it shows as a payment immediately (and I print my receipt), and in a day or so, the money is taken out of my checking acct.


I hope all goes well for you. If it's any consolation, I've heard the worst company to have buy your mortgage is Citibank. I've also been told that once Chase (or Citi) has your loan they are not likely to get rid of it. They are the two largest mortgage buyers, from what I've been told. I wouldn't refinance just to get away from them... UNLESS you find a small town bank with a GUARANTEE that your loan will never be sold. Otherwise, there is a high chance you'll end up back at Chase (or Citi!) and be out the refi fees.


Here's hoping that all future dealings with Chase go well for all of us who deal with them!

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