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That's it, I have got to do this

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There is going to be a marathon in my "backyard" this spring! The start/finish line is like 7 miles from my house.


I had told dh to never let me do a marathon again. But it's right here! And it's mostly flat. I've ridden my bike on the course and the hills are nothing compared to the stupid overpass at the Shamrock! Of course there's no cool shirts like at the Shamrock either (Shamrock on!).


Maybe he'll do it with me...



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Oh fun! You have to do it. I am planning to run my first marathon in May. Training will officially begin as soon as this mucus is cleared from my head. I'm not sure if my course will be hilly or not. It can't be too bad since it IS in Nebraska, but I recently ran a 10K with hills upon which I was sure I was going to die. Good luck!

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Oh yes! You DO have to do it! There's no way around it. You are supposed to run it!!


I gotta' say - after training for this half marathon, I have NO desire to train for a marathon. I don't know if it's the weather here (I have a 12 mile run on Saturday and it's supposed to be COLD!!!), or the time of year (December is always terribly busy - now add to that an hour run or more 4 - 5 times/week and it's putting me over the edge - just a little), or the fact that I need to be up WAY before the sun comes up to start my runs. I don't like that one bit!!!


But, I'm loving the way I feel and look!!


Oh - and I saw your post over on the Dis boards!! I thought I'd entered some weird space/time continuum when I saw your name there!!

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Oooh! You can do it!


I'm trying to convince dh to let me do one next November (if you sign up now, it's like half price!). I think he's afraid I might keel over while running it or something. ?


No, no! Running won't kill you! You'll pass out first! :tongue_smilie:


(I have to get that shirt too!)

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