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Whoo Hoo ..... It only feels like -33 today not -42

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I was planning on hibernating at the beginning of this week cause it's cold. However, I have to pick up my after-school care child so I need to be out. I'm so happy that it's warmed up since yesterday. Hopefully my fingers will stay warm on the steering wheel.


You know, luxury car amenities should include heated steering wheels and great heaters where I live. Our other vehicle has heated seats and dh and I always argue over who gets to drive it.


What other cold weather things should we have?? Aside from trips to warm places.:lol:

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Oh, you're practically having a heat wave!


You should invent electric long underwear. You'd make a killing up there in Alberta. :D


They have it at our locally-owned outdoorsy store! It's made by The North Face...NOT CHEAP!


I remember those cold days -- usually hit Almost Canada, ND in early January, a late Christmas gift from Alberta :)

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