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FAFSA dependent, but what about taxes?


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My oldest Dd is 21, lives at home, works nearly FT and goes to school FT. On the FAFSA she has to put that she is a dependent, but does she still put she is a dependent when filing her income taxes and do we list her as a dependent when we file ours? She doesn't pay rent or any money towards electricity etc and is on our health insurance, but she buys her own clothes, food, gas, car insurance, spending and that kind of stuff. Not sure what to list her as.

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By the way, for the FAFSA to be independent, you only have to be 24 if you are an undergraduate. My son will be considered independent for gradaute school and he will be 21.


That's good to know. I don't know if dd#1 will go directly to grad school, but at least that will help the options.

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