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Who is more excited for your Christmas vacation break... you or your kids?

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ME. Dd has basically been on vacation with substitute teachers (mil, dh) all semester while a was student teaching, taking college courses, tutoring other students, and homeschooling.


So, yeah, I need a vacation.


Oh, yeah, I passed all my classes, btw. :D

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No. It's me at our house. I am so happy to be on Christmas break. The girls are happy too but I'm ecstatic.:D I just need a break from school. I haven't even examined the Aesop that came in the mail last week. I was so excited that it was coming and when it came I just put it on the shelf. That along with the *new* Rainbow Resource catalogue. :001_huh:


We get 4 weeks off!!!


I had originally schedules 3 weeks off but then my dh is taking his holidays later than planned and I know better than to do school with dh at home. :)


Yesterday I tidied the house and it felt soo good to focus on that for a whole morning. Today I've helped dd sew some Christmas presents and I've been surfing trying to find a good Christmas present for me. Not nearly so productive but fun none the less.

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Well, I'll be the oddball. My kids are defintely looking more forward to break than I am. They picked a day all on thier own (Dec 19) and wrote in really big letters Christmas Break in permanent red marker on the calendar.


I, however, am not looking forward to two weeks of very long days - the kind of days that do not have much school work to occupy at least a few hours. I envision bored kids. Bored and bickering kids.


Geeze. I sound like a Bah-Humbugger!


:) But who knows - maybe they will surprise me.

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