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Good digital microscope recommendations, PLEASE!!!


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My dad is wanting to get my kids a good microscope for christmas.


He is not the sort of person who will just follow the link to the one I want, he has to find the one HE wants. This is fine, however, I am the one who will need to use it, and I would hate to have him spend $$ on something that is not a good fit... and then I will be stuck with the "well.. we already *have* a good microscope, so I can't go get the one I want".:tongue_smilie:


So, I already sent him the one that is just good enough w/o getting crazy expensive. It is a standard microscope.


HE wants to get us a digital microscope with a camera or a screen.


This is where it gets tricky. I have a mac. All the microscopes he is looking at seem to have PC only software. A friend is giving me a PC to run a language program I won on, but I hesitate to have my dad buy me something that might not work with the computer I still don't have in my house.




So I would LOVE any digital microscope rec.s asap, he is itching to get this finished.


this is what he was looking at getting, it seems to have mixed reviews...



he also wants to go only through Amazon for some reason.


Anyway Thanks in advance!



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Our grandparents also wanted to give our kids, 11 and 9, a microscope so my techy DH spent quite a long time researching. Wanted something good (not a toy), but also reasonably priced. Here is what he settled on. Comes with camera and free shipping.






:confused: That link says "product not found".

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