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Instrumental Music Education question.

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I am trying to plan my almost 6 yo dd music education. She has been asking to learn piano but I don't have the budget for lessons at the moment. Now, this 6 yo tells me she wants to learn the violin (and every instrument in the orchestra, LOL). The violin is the instrument she has always wanted to learn to play, since she was very little, but I decided she should first learn piano because at the time we were doing piano with the Suzuki method as a family (the situation changed due to a cross country move), so the expense was already budgeted for! She wasn't too interested and I didn't push it at all, but now that my oldest has a new and fantastic teacher she started desperately wanting lessons too!


So, anyway, my question is... If you were planning to start her with violin lessons eventually, perhaps in a couple of years, when she is around 8 years old when the budget would allow it... What would you do in the meanwhile? I am contemplating on combining Kinderbach and My First Piano Adventure by Faber (with the help of my 13 yo dd, who is stronger in piano than me and who is still taking lessons) to have her get some experience with the piano. Would this be a good plan? Anything I should be planning on doing or not doing? Any software programs or anything that would help her acquire a good music basis?


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Take a look at Pianimals. My kids played around with it for a year before I got them formal lessons. By the time I finally did put them in piano lessons (when they were 2nd graders), they were practically teaching themselves piano. I could have taught them for a year or two, I just didn't have time.

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