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Car insurance?

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My car is 9 years old and has over 100,000 miles. If I was to sell it I think it is worth around $2000-$3000 dollars.


I think I am overinsured with Geico (and thus paying too much each month).


Is there a website that can help me figure out how much insurance coverage I need?


I wouldn't carry full coverage or comprehension on a vehicle that isn't worth very much. If you wrecked it (your fault) or something happened to it (deer hits you) they will almost certainly total it and you won't get much for it. After your deductible it might net you $1000.


The two states I have been insured in set state minimums for liability and then the insurance company tells you that they will cover your car for $xxx for collision and comprehensive. You don't have varying rates for various levels of coverage on your car.

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I would talk to your local agent also. We have kept comprehensive on our 9 yr old truck, because the difference in premiums is $3 every 6 months lol. Our ins. is cheap though, because both of our vehicles are old, we have been with our company for 11 yrs, and we have everything insured through them. If only homeowners would go down in my state. :glare:

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