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good educational gifts/toys for 1 yo dd?

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When my kids were that age they both loved musical instruments, like maracas, rhythm instruments, xylophone, etc. You might check Music For Little People.com.


Ds loved his Playskool Busy Ball Popper and played with it for years.


Does she have a shape sorter? My kids liked trying to fit the shapes into the holes and then having me tell them to find certain shapes.


Ds liked dancing to Laurie Berkner cd's at that age, too.


Dd like painting with watercolors and coloring with Crayola Color Wonder markers on Color Wonder blank paper, or washable crayons on plain paper.

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Need educational gift ideas for 1 year old dd, we are not able to make it home to Michigan for Christmas due to financial issues but will have some money to spend on dd for presents. I already have her some puzzles.


Amazon.com has some great selections! They even have free shipping anywhere in the US if you buy at least $25.


I personally love...


Melissa & Doug brand toys

Some Leapfrog toys

Shape sorters

Nesting cups



Bead trolleys


My 19 month old DS loves those too. :)

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Guest Alte Veste Academy

This is the perfect age to start her on wooden blocks! You can add to the set every year and introduce all kinds of accessories. My kids play with them all the time (they've been playing for going on two hours at this very minute). :001_smile:

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