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Dress-up clothes for little boys?

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I had a lovely "girly" dress-up box for my dd, with a fair amount of stuff I'd sewn myself - a wedding dress and veil, a "princess skirt", a tutu, a mermaid tail. Ds is nearly 3, and getting interested in dress-up. The mermaid's tail has morphed into a fish's tail. And while it's very sweet to watch him strolling around with a pink feather boa around his neck, announcing "I'm a pwincess" to all who will listen, I think it might be time to "masculinise" the dress-up box.


So, what are good dress-up ideas for little boys? Things that are easy to sew would be helpful, otherwise easy to put together or inexpensive to buy.





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Prince or king or knight costume


police man

super hero with cape


black belt or ninja

veterinarian or doctor

"business man" - old briefcase and shirt and tie, maybe some frames from an old pair of glasses.

rock star



You could get a lot of mileage out of just a sword, a crown, and a cape!


I'm not too crafty, but I have purchased a lot of costumes during post-Halloween sales for 75% off. We do a LOT of dressing up around here. :D

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Nikki, I think you're in Australia aren't you?


My ds4 loves his spiderman and superman clothes with capes. Target and K-Mart have t-shirts and pyjamas with detachable capes at the moment and we're getting such a lot of pleasure out of seeing our little boy enjoy his superhero clothes.


I also noticed that Spotlight has kids Santa and Angel costumes for $7.50 - would be hard to make them for less than that.


Bob the Builder hats and tools are very popular with the boys at playgroup too.

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Interestingly enough, I've found my boys can become incredible things with just an extra pair of underwear on their head. lol :lol:



But seriously, play silks are really nice for dress up and they're fairly gender neutral. Hats are good. Construction guy, police man, cowboy hat, sailor cap, pirate hat, etc.


My guys get a lot of mileage out of a sword and a shield along with a knight's hat, too. Chain mail is always a nice touch.

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Historical costumes,ie, roman, minute men, mummy wrappings... :-D


A FAKE BEARD! Mine get so much mileage out of this... :-)


different cultural garb , native american, ancient chinese, middle eastern etc...


compass.... We also keep spy gear/lightsabers/toy weapons in the box


We've also stuck animal costumes in there a pterodactyl and a leopard.

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