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Snack ideas for a 16 hour drive

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we don't do bananas because they wind up crushed into the carpet and rice cakes leave crumbs everywhere. Dried fruit is great, pretzels and bite size crackers (goldfish). My kids also like ziploc bags of celery sticks, cucumber, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. String cheese is another favorite (and babybel cheese). Yogurt in tubes if you think they can eat neatly (my 5 year old can, my 3 year old not so much) and a peanut butter sandwich cut into bite size squares usually rounds out my snack offerings on trips.

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Well, I would try to have as much balance as you can...which can be tricky.


String cheese and walnuts are a great combo (walnuts for protein)

Trail mix: nuts, fish crackers, raisins, dried fruit, m/m's

Apple sauce mini tubs pre-packaged



Popcorn, M/M mix

Fruit leather

Granola bars

Cereal bars

Cherrios or the like



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I don't mind messes that are easy to vacuum. So, for our vacations, we get:


cereal (this is a HUGE treat as we never have it at home! I mix it with raisins and nuts for the non-allergic kids!)





Carrot slices

Celery with cream cheese

canned soup (okay, not so healthy - but my kids will eat it out of the can! Saves us money on meals on the road.)

Chocolate (as a treat after a certain number of miles!)

Popcorn with freshly grated parmesan cheese and salt

Fruit leathers


Individual servings of applesauce and yogurt and some canned fruits. I have some small tupperware and I fill them with those items before we leave as I don't like the store bought smaller sizes much!

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I never thought of soup! What a great idea. I can buy "soup at hand" and warm it up at the gas station - that will be a time saver (and a money saver) for lunch. We don't do lunch stops because we travel with animals and can't leave them in the car.


I should also mention that my kids are older (but that doesn't stop them from being messy).

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