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Funky clothing for a 37 yo

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They are expensive, but you can find good prices at the sales. The quality is usually very good, so you have to slowly collect the good pieces. If you wash the clothes properly, they last a long time.


On the cheap, I do Gap. The sales can be good for stocking up on jeans, pants, basic tees etc, then you partner it with a unique more expensive top or whatever.





Sometimes I find good things on sale at Jcrew, and the Limited. If you sift through the stiff work stuff, there are usually a few artsy funky but on the more conservative side clothes.


For clothes that are more grown up woman with some funky I'd check out:



J Jill



Cold Water Creek


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I find classic clothes are much improved with fun and funky accessories. Scarves, chunky/funky jewellery, a punchy handbag -- just play with what inspires you.


This would be my choice as well. Use Temperance Brennen on Bones as an example. She always wear classic, practical clothing and plays it up with interesting jewelry and other accessories.


Oh, and consider hats. I am a hat person. I have lots of different hats. I have newboy caps, berets, various baseball caps, fedors, bowlers, many knit pullover type hats that I currently forget the name of and more. I am currently sporting a Santa hat with black fur. I don't own a cowboy hat right now but have in the past and I like those as well. My dds are big hat people as well. One of them owns a deerstalker and one of those knit ones with tassles worn by Ron Weasley, both of which she wears regularly. And don't even get me started on the sock collections in this house.

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I definitely second Anthropologie and Boden. I would also check out J.Jill, and Chicos. TJMaxx, Kohls, etc. have interesting individual pieces. Also, depending on where you live, little downtown shops and thrift stores are also a great resource.

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I don't want to look like I'm trying to be 17, but I want interesting pieces. I'm tired of the "uniform" that I have. Jeans and a button down or sweater. BORING.


Just changing the shape and pattern of the sweater can make a big difference ~ for example, try a long, skinny ribbed sweater with a bright patterned skinny scarf, or a skinny sweater with extra long sleeves in a wide horizontal stripe. Or pullover hoodies in unusual patterns or fabrics.


Try GAP or Old Navy for skinny sweaters & scarves, and the "active" section of department stores for tops by yoga companies like Prana, which often have interesting graphics, colors, & fabrics. Yoga pants are a great alternative to jeans, if you have the body for them.


REI has tops that are comfortable, high quality, and look hip without looking like you're "trying" too hard. They have great sales, too! Here's a link to some casual tops from REI:



They also have great cargo pants, skorts, and that sort of thing, for example: http://www.rei.com/product/778325



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For me, funky is mixing pieces from a lot of different sources. I find that more fitted look helps. I have a collection of Eddy Bauer My Favorite T in different colors and turtle necks from LL Bean. I pair them with several different button cotton long sleeve t's from Fresh Produce or LL Bean. These I wear with a variety of jeans, pants or printed skirts from Target and Fresh Produce or that I make myself. Colors are big and I am generally not short on it. I also have a red chennile sweater from J. Jill, a purple boy friend sweater from Ann Taylor Loft, and a black jean jacket from Chicos. For a dresser look I will wear a more fitted turtle neck sweater with my bottoms. I also like to wear a funky pair of shoes. Currently my favorites are a pair of red cowboy boots and a pair of aubergine Naot Mary Janes. I also like to wear dangly earrings, often ethnic, crystal or from a store supporting third world craftsmen.

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