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Can you please recommend a good play archery set?

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If you are looking for something a bit more durable, we started dd with the Bear brand Brave compound bow. In case you are not familiar with compound bows, they look so serious and mean, but all those strings and pulleys really do is cause the amount of pressure needed to pull the bow string to lessen when it is pulled back to about 80%. Therefore, a beginner can pull the string back and hold it in place more easily while they are lining up their shot. "Regular" bows don't have that let off, so the child would need to be able to hold all of the pressure back while getting ready to shoot.


Some bow accessories you might want to consider also getting are an arm guard and finger tab, which protects the opposite arm from a bad pressure "burn" if it accidentally gets in the way of the string when released and the tab makes it more comfortable to pull and hold the string. Also a target at which you approve them shooting:D. Perhaps a quiver to hold their arrows if the bow you select does not come with an on-board quiver. And perhaps a few extra arrows. Most bows I've seen only come with two or three. When dd shoots with our 4-H shooting sports club, the kids are required to wear safety glasses also.


Other things that have been important to dd include gloves with those little rubbery dots on the palm so she can shoot in cold weather and still grip her bow securely, and also hair ties to keep the wind from getting her shoulder length hair from getting tangled with the string and pulled when she releases.



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