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You know those 'hot cocoa in a plastic cone' things? How would you make them?

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I know it's silly, but both my dh and my dss, at different times today, have told me that they want one for Christmas. I keep thinking 'Dude, I will make you hot chocolate however you want, *whenever you want, you just have to ask!'. But apparently, there's *something special about getting a plastic cone filled with cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips or whatever.


So, I have a good homemade hot cocoa mix recipe, that's not where I'm stuck. What I can't figure out is where to find plastic cones to put them in.


Anyone have an idea? I'd much rather make them for my boys than buy them. That way, I know what's in them and I know they'll be good. :001_smile:

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In case you'd like some directions:


(We used twist ties instead of rubber bands.)


We're making these for friends and teachers this year. We're just doing chocolate, marshmallows and tying on a candy cane for stirring. I printed directions ('cause apparently some people need directions to make hot chocolate :confused: LOL) on address labels. Peel and stick. They're cute, easy, cheap.


If you have a Michaels Crafts near you, you can get the icing bags even cheaper with teh 40% off coupon. :)



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