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CLE Reading and LA advice needed.


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I have been using both CLE Reading and LA for about two months now and while I love how comprehensive it is I must admit it is alot of work for my daughter to complete. It started off great but as time moves on she is really starting to have fits when I pull out her materials. I was following the recommended schedule and had to adjust it as my daughters frustration began to build. I now stretch out each lesson over a week. For example, Mon.-Fri. I have her read the study words each morning and then we take turns reading the story. I don't ask her to do the workbook pages until Friday. For language arts I am thinking of having her do the lessons only two or three days a week. I am trying to ease her frustration a bit. We used to use FLL and I never encountered this trouble but I didn't like the huge amount of repitition and felt like it moved slowwwww. Should I plug along stretching CLE out or try a charlotte mason approach like English for the thoughtful child or Primary language lessons? I think the picture study in those programs would be nice. I just don't know what to do.





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No problem! I thought that might be the case. We started the I Wonder Reading for 1st this year, but my daughter was NOT enjoying it at all. I found using both the LA and the I Wonder together to be a bit overwhelming for her. Instead we are sticking with the LA and using ETC 6 and Right into Reading book 2, orally. We are also working through some Step 3 reading books that correlate to our History program (WP AS 1). Basically I've picked a few things from Winterpromises LA/Reading program to use with her instead.


If stretching out the lessons works for your dd, I say go for it. Ultimately you have to do what works best for your school. Are you using LTR or I Wonder?

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We are using CLE LA 100's, the 1st Grade Reader and also LA 200 series.


The 1st grade LA workbooks are sometimes very overwhelming to our 1st grader also. I still believe that they are a huge help...especially starting with Light Unit 105 (where they start explaining the phonics blends). My son's reading has improved a LOT.


Here's my suggestions:


I think they do get used to it...

Sometimes I have split up the lesson over two days.

We skip penmanship because we do HWOT.

He doesn't do any of the light units on his own (the 2nd grader does, though).

He knows (by light unit 105) that there is no "I can't do it" or complaining. I make him sit there until it's finished.


Oh, yeah and some of the drills I read over with him - instead of him "circling stuff", etc...we just kind of talk it through and he answers me.


I do think CLE is extremely overwhelming to some kids, but DARN is it thorough. I just can't justify getting rid of it. Like I said, his reading level has shot through the roof with it.


Good Luck! I'm right there with ya'! :D

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