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Will last spring's AP scores be sent with next spring's?

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Dd (a high school senior) took 3 APs last May, and only had them sent to one school. Now she's changed her mind about where she's going, and we want them sent there, too. When she takes her AP tests in the spring of 2010, will last year's scores (2009) be sent along with them?


My guess is no, they won't, and that we will need to call the College Board and pay to have her 2009 scores sent separately.


Anyone have experience with this?




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I took two APs my junior year (98) and I didn't have them sent anywhere. I took five more my senior year (99) and all my scores - from both years - were on the score report sent to my college. I'm pretty sure they include all AP tests taken within a certain window (5 years?) automatically on the score report.



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By the way, you shouldn't assume the scores will actually be merged by the College Board. If the report you get next year does not include all previous scores then the records have not been merged.


The College Board claims to do this automatically -- but failed to do it for my eldest. A phone call cleared things up but I had to make that call.



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