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Sentence Family users !


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ok! i just ordered this! i have a struggling 10 yr old 5th grade dd and an off the wall :lol: 9 yr old 4th grader. i KNOW my 4th grader would love this and im going to give it a shot with my 1o yr old as well.


2 questions...


once your done with it, what do/did you use for reinforcement?


and im still searching for something for language mechanics... punct, commas, quotes, caps etc. nothing my 10 yr old so far has done has stuck and im afraid to move forward with anything without getting something good under her belt.


:lurk5: thanks!

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I did SF with my DS last year and then this year I just went ahead with the LA of my choice. I am planning to go through SF again this year when he finishes his WT book. One idea for reinforcement would be to create your own worksheets based on the exercises they have in the SF book. They're pretty simple, like underlining words in sentences with various colors for the parts of speech. Another program I really like the look of (but haven't tried) is Daily Grammar Practice. It takes only five minutes a day.


For punctuation, try looking at the punctuation course from Cozy Grammar.

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We are following up Sentence Family with the Island level of the Michael Clay Thomas Language arts. MCT moves very quickly, so I think having done Sentence Family before it will have given my kids just the right foundation for using MCT successfully. (They wouldn't have done well going into MCT cold.)


My kids love Sentence Family. We'd have been finished with it several weeks ago if it weren't for ME putting off learning the drawings so I can demonstrate. Taking it slow, with no more than one new concept per week, has allowed plenty of time to absorb the info. As we go, we continually review all the previously learned concepts by underlining parts of speech with the correct colors in sample sentences.


Wish I could help on punctuation, but haven't gotten that far myself!

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