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How do you keep your barn water from freezing?

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we have a floating de-icer in the water trough. On the well in the barn, dh built a wooden box with 3 75 watt (I believe it's 75) bulbs that run continuously until it's no longer freezing. Sometimes in an extended period of abnormal lows he'll have to blow torch the hand pump itself.


My pigs get their water 2 x per day. I no longer pay $300 per month to keep all five stalls with their own continuous water supply. 3 stalls have access to the field with trough, the pigs and ducks get water twice per day. The potbellies and ducks in rubber pails where we can kick the ice out, large pigs hot mash and extra water 2 x per day. Our chickens always had a heat pad under their water for continuous water because there was so many of them. They're all gone now. I miss them!

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Electric floating de-icer for us. However, watch your stock closely at first. A friend has one horse that considers it his mission in life to remove the de-icer or destroy it. He has chewed the protective coating off, flung them in the mud to the side, and got one hooked on the heavy plastic tank in a way that it melted a hole in the tank wall! Such a brat!!!


We love ours so much that we bought a second one for the dog waterer, and everyone else - dogs, cats, chickens, squirrels, deer, etc. have all been seen sneaking a sip here and there.

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