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I heard that they do best in a 6'x6'x3' cage, with stuff for them to do...


Mamaduck, Pedro is so cute!!!!


I heard that they do like to chew, so you do not want plastic type items in their cage for that causes health issues.


I also heard about their issues with heat. We live in Northern Michigan, so that is definately not an issue.



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A family member owned a pet store when I was younger and sold them. I don't remember them stinking but I know they were sensitive. I used to put them on a leash and harness and take them out, they would snuggle happily into a coat pocket.


If you are looking for a small, caged pet they have to be better than the alternatives (we have a rabbit which was not a good choice. It really, really stinks).

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Alright it's been awhile but I'll try to put down what I remember...


No plastic cages...They like to chew...Diet is a high quality pellet (I used http://www.oxbowanimalhealth.com/products/type/detail?object=1535 but not sure if they changed their formula in the past 5 years), fresh hay everyday and water...That's pretty easy...Dust baths every few days was what I did with mine...Ummm, they are extremely friendly if they are bought young...My sister got an older one that wasn't ever loved on and it was evil...It's best to buy from a breeder or rancher...You never know the genetics of your local pet store chinchillas...


Alright this has a bit of information on care for chinchillas...I haven't had any lil pets in the past 5 years so I don't have any of my old links that could be of use...




I remember that for ramps and stuff in the cage for them to be solid so the chinchilla's feet won't get harmed...I used carefresh bedding (or I believe that is what it was called)...I think they are amazing lil critters and would LOVE another one but it just isn't the right time...

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