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Baby Poop Question - Regularity? LOL.

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So I know that it's totally normal for a breastfed baby to suddenly STOP pooping for a week at around 2mos old. My breastfed preemie baby stopped pooping daily, and started pooping weekly around 2 mos, and I wasn't worried. But now...she's 7mos (adjusted age 5mos) and has started pooping like a newborn again. Several times a day. A few times at night. Is this normal, too? Crazy question: is there a tie between her sudden regularity and my regularity?

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MINE TOO!!! I was just thinking that today! My 8 mo poops like 3x/day!!! I don't remember this with my others (if it did happen)...I'm pretty regular and haven't noticed a change or correlation here (I know, TMI, but you asked...kinda). He never went to 1x/week like my others did though either - he has always been pretty regular - but I am using A LOT more diapers with him than I did with the others :glare:

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