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unsinkable: I (think) I've made my decision! I'm going with....

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Wii Fit Plus :lol:!


I might end up getting Night at the Museum Smithsonian next week if I've got money left over after groceries. If not, I'll just wait and get it sometime after Christmas.


I think we'll all enjoy Wii Fit Plus, and I told dh that I would watch the LOTR triolgy in the afternoons the week he's off of work. I've seen bits and pieces (I'm not a fantasy buff), and my boys have seen Fellowship and want to watch the next two. My ds9 is reading the LOTR triology now, and it would mean a lot more to him (and he's mostly the one I was thinking of with Night at the Museum) if I showed interest in LOTR than if I bought another family movie right now.


Now I know you'll sleep better at night since you know my decision.

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